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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bianka Hard Defloration

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...It was a hot summer day and she was wearing a short skirt with no panties. She was in her parents apartment and was on her hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. She was alone with her large dog. She was shocked when he suddenly jumped on her back and held her with his paws. She tried to get him off but he was very strong and growled at her. She was paralyzed with fear. Then she felt something wet and hot poking at her pussy. She wiggled her ass to stop him and then she felt it slip into her anus. He started pumping her very fast. As she told me the story, she blushed and admitted to me that it was a pleasant feeling. She knew what he was doing, because she had already seen dogs mating outside their apartment. After a minute she felt something hot squirt inside her. After the dog got off of her, she stayed in that position for a few minutes while the dog licked her pussy. As a result of this shocking experience, she remained a virgin until now. She is OK now and was very willing to lose her virginity before my camera. Her story did not have a happy ending for the dog. After she told her parents part of what happened, her father shot the dog!



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